Professional Facilitation

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

To facilitate means to ‘make things easier’ and help people move forward.

If you have a crucial meeting, an emerging issue, a sensitive matter or reason to bring parties together for a result, consider our support.

As ‘full service’ Professional Facilitators we will:

  1. Converse with you to deeply understand your circumstance
  2. Explore approaches that support your key objectives
  3. Co-design the event to ensure the outcomes you desire
  4. Coordinate communications and logistics alongside your support staff
  5. Ensure an authentic facilitated event that honours each voice and the legitimacy of all attendees
  6. Summarise all outcomes for distribution to relevant parties
  7. Participate in an event debrief to ensure you leverage your investment.

You should expect a first-class experience end-to end. As facilitators, we bring our personal presence, a care for people and experience in managing the ‘unexpected’ to our facilitation work. We understand how to balance strong personalities, moods, conversations, and behaviours, and still move towards a meaningful outcome.

At RA, our facilitation style sets our change and transformational outcomes apart because we are able to connect with people – no matter how tough the subject matter.

As facilitators, we believe in the legitimacy of each person’s voice and that every outcome is possible. We can confidently offer process ownership to the group, honouring all that wants to emerge and ensure accountability to outcomes.

Facilitation Details:

  • We facilitate a range of events from 1/2 day meetings to week long conferences
  • We only offer full service facilitations, with engagements involving detailed preparation, communication support, professional delivery and post-event outputs.

‘I wanted to say thanks again for your efforts over the last few days, and in preparation too. I have been involved in these complex types of workshops now about 20 years now I think you’re the best I’ve seen.  You are quite remarkable how you sew it all together, keep motivated, keep others motivated, and get the best from all.  Well done.’  

Sustainability Advisor, CSIRO

‘Paula’s unflagging energy, completely non-judgmental and expansive approach and her ability to make everyone comfortable throughout some difficult facilitated decision making were a wonder to watch.  We’ve had so much positive feedback from the leadership team who were involved that we can’t wait to work with her again.  Paula is always thoroughly prepared and completely professional – she really knows her stuff. But more importantly she can work with anyone – soothing frayed nerves in a large and opinionated group and bringing them all together in a really fun and challenging way to come up with some truly creative outcomes.’

 HR Director, Unisson Disability