Outcomes through high value conversations

At RA we are specialists in enabling leaders, teams and ‘unlikely’ strategic partners to achieve shared goals through conversation.

We do this through bespoke Programs, developing leadership capacity, supporting teams to deliver on strategic imperatives, facilitation and coaching.

Our interventions are shaped to the unique needs of each client, and always involve a high value conversations that are often perceived as difficult, confronting, or sometimes impossible to have.  This is our preferred domain of work.

We build capacity not reliance

Our approach will have you develop a shared language and shared understanding for all conversational participants and an agreed way of working together.

Our services

  1. Support to enable Teams to be change-ready – typically our Team Constitution Program to ensure teams work together to achieve their stated goals.
    • Three months in duration
    • Achieve clarity and agreement on team member roles, rules and behaviours
    • Reach personal and collective commitment to shared goals
  2. Developing Conversational Practices for high performing Teams – typically our Coordination Flow Program to ensure that leaders and their teams coordinate effectively to permanently and sustainably recover lost time and waste attributed to poor coordination, poor relationships and the absence of trust.
    • Three months in duration
    • Re-create the way your people coordinate and interact
    • Drastically reduce time and effort devoted to duplication and coordination ‘waste’
  3. Bespoke Facilitation Services to support groups of people to gather and achieve what’s most crucial within a limited timeframe.
    • Full support to design your event
    • First-class facilitation to ensure outcomes are achieved
    • Pre and post event communications support, with all outcomes documented
  4. Tailored Coaching Programs to support leaders to navigate change – personal and organisational
    • Nine months in duration
    • Focus on the ‘whole person’ in support of sustained outcomes
    • Retreat format coaching available

If you’re ready to take action, we’d love to speak.  Contact us today.