Liberated Leaders

Our exclusive 10-month Leadership Program!

Liberated Leaders supports ‘already-successful’ leaders to adopt new skills and lead their teams through growth, change and disruption.

This experiential Program identifies blind spots and habits that have leaders feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed in their roles.

Leaders develop skills, practices and ‘sensibilities’ so that they can restore themselves, renew their focus and effectively lead from a space of ‘wellbeing’.

Each program is limited to 30 leaders, who typically:

  1. Feel stretched by the demands of their role
  2. Need more commitment and better results from their teams
  3. Want to reclaim the energy they lose to feelings of overwhelm, frustration and uncertainty
  4. Are serious about succession planning and building capability to sustain themselves and the business
  5. Must drive innovation to lead their team through change and disruption
  6. Feel ready to challenge themselves, social norms and conventions in relation to the way they lead and learn
  7. Are courageous enough to step away from old habits to cultivate new habits for the sake of sustainability

We focus on 5 related focus areas (called Moves).

Five moves to being future-ready:

Move 1 – Ignite innovation through mood

FOCUS: This move is focused on being a leader-learner and the power of mood.  You will explore and identify the mood from which you lead, and understand how to shift this for the sake of optimising an environment and culture for expansive thinking, collaboration and above all innovation.

Move 2 – Habits that make your success inevitable

FOCUS: This move is focused on cultivating habits that make your success as a leader inevitable.  To begin, you and your direct team will explore the times and circumstances when you’re provoked and least resourceful as a leader. You will then identify the key moments of influence, minor moves, specific interventions and behaviours you wish to cultivate to be more effective.

Move 3 – Speech Acts to Coordinate Action

FOCUS: This move is dedicated to exploring how effectively you and your team coordinate action.  Our exploration does not rely on systems.  We will identify the coordination waste that is likely to be generated through the poor use of every-day language – we call these Speech Acts.  You will undertake a desktop assessment of the cost of poor coordination and then learn how to quickly eradicate this waste through a focus on Requests, Offers and Promises.

Move 4 – Facilitate Masterfully to enhance engagement

FOCUS: This move is will have you deepen your skills in the domain of facilitation. To do this, we will engage in a dialogue on listening, intuiting, sensing anomalies, power, creating safety and opening teams to insight and possibilities. We will then identify the forums of most influence and practice a series of specific skills to enhance your performance across these.

Move 5 – Coaching and mentoring to cultivate resilience

FOCUS: This move is intended to further develop your influence as a leader and to cultivate talent and accountability within your teams and organisation.  You will learn a different orientation to how you ‘observe’ and ‘reflect’ on situations and complexity in your operating environment, and cultivate a sensibility to explore, uncover, ask provocative questions and empower your team to develop a sense of personal agency and resilience.

Each of the 5 areas of learning involves:

  • A day-long face to face event with a focus on experiential learning;
  • Application and sharing of learning with your teams in your organisation;
  • Learning explorations undertaken in a team of 5 leaders;
  • Webinars in support of integration; and,
  • One-on-one Coaching and Mentoring from a Program Leader.

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