Tony Carew

Tony Carew – Partner and Lead Consultant

Tony is a Partner in Resource Advisory. Tony’s passion is supporting people within the community and within organizations to experience a quality of life beyond their expectation.

Tony is a transformational facilitator who is deeply committed to serving humanity. His holistic approach to transformation is grounded in biological science, spirited by existential philosophy and drawn from his own experience in life. His way of being in the world enables him to work from the intuitive domain creating a conversational space of trust, co-creation and inspiration disclosing new worlds of opportunity, optimism and change with those he shares space and time with.

Tony draws from a life working within the Arts and Hospitality Industry. He found his passion for supporting people to think and be different in the world after working with people suffering psychological injury as a result of workplace harassment, poor leadership, and exposure to critical events. Working strategically with Government Departments in his mid career, he shifted his focus from reactive injury management to preventive management, working to support leaders to enhance the scope of their interpersonal and engagement behavior to create safe environments for people to work and function within.

Tony is a coach-trainer with the prestigious coach-training institute within the Asian Pacific region. As a transformational-practitioner, he facilitates public and community workshops throughout Australia that focuses on deepening people’s experience of themselves transforming fear, suffering and limitation to a mood of self-authoring.

Tony’s cultural biology background enables him to lead and influence change within individuals, teams and organizations as he works with the deep narratives and moods people become entrenched in that create cultures that limit innovation, productivity, morale and safety. He re-establishes trust in teams where trust is breached and important relationships are threatened. He is a practiced Executive, Leadership, and team coach and leads Innovation and Promised-based management programs with leadership, management, and project teams.

Tony’s spare time is dedicated to adventuring through travel, learning and time in the wilderness.


  • Associate Diploma Performing Arts (Darwin Institute of Technology)
  • Graduate Diploma Ontological Coaching (Newfield Institute, Australia)
  • Advanced Ontological Practitioner programs (Eriksonian, Conversational Technology, Somatic Coaching, Commitment-based Management)
  • Unitary Epistemology – Cultural Biology (Matrixica Institute, Chile)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (North Brisbane TAFE)
  • Working Effectively in Small Teams (Pluralistic Networks, USA)
  • Professional Mentor – Dwelling Program USA (Pluralistic Networks, USA)