Conversational Practices

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place

George Bernard Shaw

At RA, our business began in the domain of conversations and we understand they are the key to building trust and unlocking innovation.

How would you assess the health of your team?

  1. Do team members engage in open and robust conversations for the sake of the best shared outcomes?
  2. Are team members curious, generous and able to be generative in the way they explore possibility? 
  3. Do team members secure water-tight commitments, make robust requests, deliver on their promises and conserve the team’s reputation?

If you’re hesitant around any of these questions, consider that there are missing skills, practices and sensibilities for Team members that need to be cultivated to have your Team perform well.

At Resource Advisory, we know just a handful of ‘speech acts’ can transform your entire team’s performance. Based on our work over the past 25 years, we also understand most individuals and most teams shy away from specific practices and conversations, which can diminish innovation and possibility.

We work with individuals within teams, and entire teams concurrently to:

  1. Diagnose the source of poor teamwork;
  2. Identify the missing conversations that MUST be held to move forward;
  3. Skill and support each individual to engage in the required conversations;
  4. Facilitate uncomfortable team conversations for the sake of clearing them; and,
  5. Build insight to re-conceptualise work ‘flow’ to meet the team’s mission.

Our toolkit will help you harness the power of a request, an offer, build commitment, hold others accountable and step up to high stakes moments by engaging in rather than avoiding crucial dialogues.

Program Details:

  • Typically 3 months in duration
  • Multi-mode – Facilitated Meetings, Team Coaching, One-on-one coaching

I wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with the service you have provided in your recent work with my team.  Not only was your solution considered and strategic, your attention to detail, organisational skills and customer focus was extraordinary.  

Everyone involved in the work with you, from my assistant who set up all your interviews through to all the participants and fellow leaders found you incredibly well prepared, respectful and insightful to work with.  You have set our teams up well for success.”

Ann Austin, National Sustainability Manager, Lendlease