Team Constitution

Our 3-month intensive Teaming Program

Ultimately, the quality of conversations within your Team will dictate its success.

High quality converstaion relies on individuals within teams demonstrating the skill, sensibility and courage to engage with each other for the sake of the team and in service of the Team’s mission.

  • Are the relationships within your Team robust and strengthened in the course of debate?
  • Do the dynamics of your team create the space for learning and innovation?
  • Are Team members unified in how they represent the team to third party stakeholders?  
  • Are difficult conversations held face to face or in silent pockets and secret corridors?
  • Is there unity around the mission, strategic direction and authority within your Team?

Our Team Constitution Program is an intensive learning journey designed to equip and enable ALL Team members to develop skills to be in authentic conversations, to identify and air concerns, to overcome inter-personal and long-standing relationship differences and to re-focus on the strategic mission of the Team. 

We work with:

  • Executive Teams charged with delivering results
  • Dysfunctional Teams, known to their organisation and stakeholders
  • Teams with long-standing disputes and active factions

Team Constitution

Involves 9 critical conversations that form the basis for Team Performance:

  • Ownership of the Values, Vision and Shared Mission of the Team;
  • Generating and restoring Trust;
  • Skills to generate ‘moods’ for success;
  • Clarity on roles to meet the mission;
  • Standards of performance;
  • Skills to ensure the unity of authority;
  • Commitment to the practices of learning and innovation;
  • Shared focus on the team, customers and stakeholders; and,
  • Commitments and behaviours that the team adopts.

We are often called on to remedy long-standing team ‘breakdowns’, after other Team interventions have failed.  If you’re serious about Teaming for the sake of a different future, contact us today.

Paula and Tony adopt a strategic approach, can see gaps, analyse patterns of behaviour, provide invaluable insights, make connections, break down complex human interactions into smaller more manageable parts and work with others to empower them to work through change within themselves and in a complex working environment.

They provide outstanding support and guidance and their ability to partner with others for the good of the whole, their desire to align with the vision and values and integrate this in their work is exceptional. Paula and Tony demonstrate an ability to listen deeply, to connect and gently guide, one on one and in groups. They demonstrate sound knowledge and expertise and a wisdom that is gently shared.

Suellen McCaffrey, General Manager People and Group Services, SGCH