Coordination Flow

Re-conceptualise the entire way you do business!

For most organisations we work with, EACH Team member consumes more than ONE DAY per week undertaking re-work that has been generated because of a broken promise or sub-standard delivery by another human being. 

In our work, the coordination of action within and between teams is the central operating system of an organisation.  This central operating system is active and operating every day, requiring humans to interact with each other through conversational practices that should achieve desired results.

It can also be a domain of practice that is invisible, difficult to diagnose and over time, consuming valuable resources, time and energy from your team and organisation. 

The complexity of this ‘leakage’ is poorly understood and rarely addressed, yet it also offers the greatest opportunity for personal, relational and commercial gain.  

How would you assess the strength of your team’s central operating system?

  • Are your team members mindful in the way they generate requests of others, offering all that each ‘downstream’ performer need to be successful?
  • Are agreements and negotiations held in respectful and candid ways for the sake of the best outcome?
  • Are relationships robust enough to navigate tricky and complex negotiations?
  • Are the commitments you secure water tight and delivered to spec and on time?
  • Do Team members deliver on promises and in the event they cannot get in communication early?
  • Are people acknowledged for their great work AND held accountable for anything that’s sub-standard?

If your brow is furrowed as you scan this list, consider investing in our Coordination Flow Program. 

The Coordination Flow Program covers:

  • An initial meeting to determine team concerns, issues and challenges
  • A team-based diagnosis, utilising Sensing Interviews to explore key ‘breakdowns’ and concerns, as a basis for Program Design
  • A series of Facilitated Workshops to identify core commitments and desired behaviours
  • A team-based audit of coordination ‘leakage’ to establish a baseline metric
  • Individual and Team Coaching for stakeholders to build capacity for leaders and teams to be able to effectively communicate and coordinate action
  • Re-assessing team performance, ensuring measured performance improvement, and skill acquisition, to optimise and sustain organisational performance
  • Ongoing mentoring as required.

Our intent is to offer long-term and sustainable transformation for your team, business unit and entire organisation and in doing so, to buy back time that delivers wellbeing, balance and innovation.

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