We are Change Facilitators who support the humans experiencing change.

Change can be treacherous, challenging, confronting, confusingand… equally…. liberating, exhilarating and transformational.

We wholeheartedly believe that the capacity to navigate and sustain change is essential for the survival of every business

Having journeyed with some 10,000 individuals and more than 40 businesses along their change and transformation pathways, we understand that the change process will cause breakdowns, usually followed by breakthroughs, and that these are key moments of learning.

At RA, we love working alongside leaders and change managers, equipping them with an advanced change toolkit that has taken us over 20 years to assemble. More than theoretical ‘change models’, our tools foster learning, innovation, cooperation and sustained commitment.

We venture into the heart and humanity of organisations to connect with, touch and empower people around change and in doing so, help harness the best ideas of your best resource – your people.