Passion Renewal Program

RenewalIf you want to unleash the potential that lies dormant within you, a Passion Renewal Program can help. Your Passion Program will help drive innovation, creativity, motivation and productivity by connecting you with your deepest sense of personal awareness, energy and purpose.

Why do a Passion Renewal Program?

In the context of Passion Programs, we describe passion as “The deep inner drive to reach for what you love”.

Working with your passion helps reconnect you with what is most meaningful in your life, providing you with the ultimate renewable energy source, fuelled by deep intuition and inspiration. When you connect and act from a place of passion you will transform your life by re-knowing your creative and authentic self.

What does a Passion Program involve?

Your Passion Program takes up to one month in total, beginning with time for personal reflection and three face-to-face sessions, each typically two hours in duration.

The Program begins with an initial discussion with your facilitator.  Your Facilitator will provide you with a workbook and questions that encourage you to reflect on your passions. The outputs from this process are used as the basis for dialogue in Session 1.

  • Session 1: Discovery
    Discovery is about finding your true passions. Your Facilitator works with you to clarify the essence of each of your passions, working mainly with words, phrases, values and energy.
  • Session 2: Mapping
    The mapping stage connects you more deeply with each of your personal words and phrases, using your mind-body intelligence and intuition. In this session you typically create your Passion Map and work with the power of metaphor as a way of exploring meaning.
  • Session 3: Visioning
    Visioning is about creating a sense of possibility – “what would my life be like if I were fully living my passions?” In this session you define key goals and actions that enable your vision to come to life. You and your Facilitator will then determine a suitable ongoing coaching arrangement.

Program Details:

  • Pre-work extends across a 2 week period
  • We prefer retreat format for the face to face component of this Program – 2 days in duration – which includes all three Sessions.
  • You will complete the Program with your Map, a clear Action Plan and a sense of what really ‘inspires you’.

The program was a profound and moving experience to go through. Through the course of the program, I gradually began to feel much more connected to myself, and became able to channel what I would like to head towards for my future. To feel so ‘in touch’ with myself again was a wonderful relief, and very invigorating.  

The outcomes were much broader in scope than I had expected. Whereas I’d expected a fairly narrow outcome of just resolving my career concerns, the program helped me find areas of passion to pursue outside of work- namely around using my creativity, and the deeper motives I have for seeking success, security, happiness and fulfilment. 

I loved how the program concludes with an action plan, to ensure that the key insights can be readily implemented and sustained. The process captured a lot of great themes, and I’d been a little concerned that perhaps these might ‘float off into the ether’ afterwards. But fortunately Paula’s focus on SMART goals and her meticulous note-taking meant that I could put my plans immediately into action in a meaningful way.’

Jonathon, Thermofisher Life Sciences