Coaching and Mentoring Programs

JourneyNot all journeys are meant to be undertaken alone.

A dedicated coach in your corner offers the space for non-judgmental conversation, exploring motivations, needs, concerns, overcoming self-limiting perceptions and crafting thinking and strategies for the things you deem most important.

RA coaching and mentoring will offer a space for reflection, learning and a suite of tools and experiences that will open you to a new experience of yourself in the world.

Our Programs are typically 6-9 months in duration and tailored to your transformation and performance needs. Sessions are conducted one on one and based on mutual trust and respect.

If you want to:

  • Restore your sense of balance and perspective on your leadership journey
  • Understand and transform the behaviours that limit your performance
  • Explore and overcome self-limiting thoughts that prevent you and your team from achieving
  • Powerfully lead your team through the process of innovation and change
  • Develop communication and dialogue skills that helps you coordinate action and reach strategic objectives
  • Understand the power moods have in shaping your destiny and sustainably shift towards a constructive moods suite,

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Thanks for the amazing coaching experience – I would even say “life-changing”. Thinking back to where I was at the start of the coaching to where I am now I feel like a different person. I’ve often thought that my biggest obstacle to development was in my own head, and your coaching has proven that to me.

I feel like I’ve fast-tracked some development and am now thinking on a different level and I’m confident enough to think that I could lead a large organisation – if not this organisation then another one in the future. I really appreciated your approach and gentle pushing at times. I felt like I could trust you enough to get the things out of my head, put them on the table and deal with them. This is the only way it would have worked and wouldn’t be possible by doing a course – it was all deeply personal and specific to me.

CFO, Not for Profit sector, NSW