How we came to do this work…

RA was founded in 2007, with a core mission to align people and organisations around change and sustainability.

Today, we work alongside leaders and their teams to diagnose sources of poor communication, inefficient coordination and ineffective collaboration.  We find this present in most organisations and have spent a decade in this business (and a few lifetimes) refining a way to solve it.

We are passionate about sustainable interventions – and that means building capacity within your organisation rather than reliance.

Our activity involves skilling leaders and teams to identify, ‘wrestle with’ and solve their own challenges, long after we are gone. This buys back time, and in doing so builds a positive reputation, enhances customer relationships and oh … by the way, might save you millions of dollars through productivity increases and effective Coordination Flow.

From humble beginnings our team has grown to understand that change is often a catalyst for the search for meaning as people grapple with their place not only within their organisation, but their world.

Today, we bring a creative and authentic response to the challenges our clients face. At the heart of each assignment is raising consciousness to achieve change and transformation.

We see times of change as moments of profound opportunity.

We have grown our community, business model and Programs over the years to enable ‘reach’ for bigger clients and larger assignments, without compromising the things we stand for:


  • We operate with authenticity – we are transparent in our offer and in our actions.
  • We have courage – we are not afraid of having the tough conversations.
  • Care is central to all we do – we conserve what we care about.
  • We act with integrity – we say what we mean and do what we say.
  • We respect ourselves, each other and our customers – we are committed to achieving the greatest possibility.
  • We ignite innovation – through our approach in working with our clients.

Our mission

To help leaders and teams transform their practices and through the behaviours they adopt, create workplaces where people thrive.

Our vision

All people experience wellbeing and connection with each other and their environment.